Saturday, October 14, 2017

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After the events of Hotel Bruce, our favorite curmudgeonly bear shares his home with not only his four geese, but three rowdy mice besides! Fed up with their shenanigans, Bruce sets off to find a rodent-free household. But as usual, nothing goes quite according to plan…
A hilarious sequel for fans of the previous Bruce books, as well as a standalone discovery for new readers, Bruce’s next reluctant adventure is sure to keep kids giggling.
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I am in love with this book!  It is both heart warming and adorable, silly and goofy, serious and sweet!  It has everything that both adults and kids will love!! I found that Bruce's Big Move was such an original and wonderful story about unlikely love between a grumpy bear, his adoringly sweet goslings and some pesky mice!  I cannot wait to share this book in all my classes and tell everyone I know about this FANTASTIC book!  It is perfect for any family because not all families are the same, but all families are filled with love and chaos!  It may become our newest tradition to read this book on the anniversary of the day we moved to our new house and discuss the crazy thing  we call LOVE!! 
P.S. the illustrations are so beautiful and detailed.  They take the reader into the the story and capture the emotions of the characters so perfectly! So cute! I cannot take all that cuteness!

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