Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#MMBBR #Review #TheStarWarsRings by #TomasPueyoBrochard

Do you want to predict what happens in the next Star Wars movies? This book tells you how.

What you will learn in this book

  • The hidden pattern behind every single one of the Star Wars movies.
  • How that pattern was also followed in Episode VII–The Force Awakens and will be respected again in Episode VIII–The Last Jedi.
  • How to identify this hidden pattern in other great writings, from Harry Potter to the Bible.
  • Why Star Wars movies feel so familiar every time, yet different.
  • A crash course on scriptwriting and storytelling.
And much, much more.

What’s Inside

  • An explanation of the blueprint followed by all the Star Wars movies: the Ring Structure.
  • Tons of examples of the Ring Structure in Star Wars: protagonists, antagonists, mentors, theme, politics, and even colors.
  • A crash course on scriptwriting and storytelling, ideal as a reference for anybody interested in writing-based arts.
  • A reference of all the building blocks of great scriptwriting, from the most basic Act Structure, to the Hero’s Journey, Midpoints, Chiastic Structures, and Storytelling Fractals.
  • A research summary of all the Star Wars movies as a reference for readers that are not intimately familiar with the movies.

Who Should Read the Book

  • Star Wars enthusiasts who want to understand Star Wars at a deeper level.
  • Star Wars fans who want to be able to predict what happens in the next installments of the saga: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, and Episode IX.
  • Storytelling and scriptwriting buffs looking for a reference guide to research how to write epic scripts following the Ring Structure.
  • Followers of the Ring Theory who want to dissect the most ambitious work of visual art to ever follow the Ring Structure.
Don’t wait. Get your copy before The Last Jedi premieres on December 15th!

Any fan of Star Wars would love this book.  I loved how detailed the book was and easy it was to follow.  The fact that a fan can really dig into this amazing franchise is a gift.  Anyone who has wanted a deeper understanding of the series will devour this book and will be counting down the days until the new movie releases in December! 

Tomas Pueyo BrochardTomas Pueyo Brochard was born in Nantes, France in 1982 to French and Spanish parents. He grew up between France, Spain, and Italy in a family of filmmakers. He moved to America in 2008 for his MBA at Stanford University, where he specialized in behavioral psychology, design, storytelling, and scriptwriting. Since then, he's worked in Silicon Valley, designing and marketing products to hundreds of millions of customers in the entertainment, finance, and media industries. 

His first book, The Star Wars Rings, dives into the storytelling structure of Star Wars, and why this has made it the most successful movie saga of all times.

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