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Observer's Notebook: Home
7 × 9 IN (17.8 × 22.9 CM)
ISBN: 9781616896379

Our Observer's Notebooks on astronomy, trees, and weather, have won praise for their unique combination of a beautiful journal aesthetic with useful lab-notebook-like information. Home is the latest addition to the series. What can you do with a box of baking soda? A half of a lemon? The answers are myriad and extend far beyond the kitchen. The fourth title in our Observer's Notebook series, Home features 160 pages of lined paper, along with useful charts and drawings. Whether you need a guide to canning and pickling, or a handy chart of kitchen knives, Home blends compelling and practical information with a plentiful assortment of lined pages for writing, recording, journaling and list-making.

MY REVIEW:  I want everyone of the notebooks in this series, which include; astronomy, trees, and weather.  I think that being an observer of life make for a life well lived.  It is easy to focus on the negativity, but when we take time to observe and take note of all the wonders and goodness around us we will live more fulfilling lives.   In this notebook you can keep track of things around the house.  I adored all the different pages which offer numerous ways to keep track of things.  In addition, there are fully illustrated pages that offer information on household items (like uses for lemons and uses for vinegar) these pages also act as separators between the different types of charting/writing sheets.  If you want to take note note of the fun and wonderful going-ons around the house, this is the notebook for you.  It is beautiful, practical and allows us the focus on all the good things life has to offer while keeping track of things around the house.  I highly recommend this for anyone who loves to journal or list making.    

Thinking of You Notecards
Brian Rea
5.5 × 7 IN (14.0 × 17.8 CM)
ISBN: 9781616896294

From Brian Rea, the illustrator of the hugely popular New York Times weekly column Modern Love, comes Thinking of You, a set of twelve different blank cards that express the intimate, and sometimes complex, moments of contemporary life, including love, thanks, sympathy, apology, new baby, housewarming, and empathy, in his signature warm and engaging style.

Brian Rea produces drawings and paintings for magazines, murals, fashion and film projects around the world. His work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Seoul, Los Angeles, and Barcelona at the Fundacio Joan Miro. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Art Center College of Design and a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, his son, and his plants.

MY REVIEW:  I love giving out cards.  I think that this is something that has been lost in the days of texting and emails.  I still love taking the time to write a hand written, note, letter or card.  These cards are stunning and capture all of lives events.  They are so pretty and I love that they are blank on the inside so you can write any message you want.  I cannot wait to start filling these out and getting them into the hands of my friends and my family.  Letting people know how you feel is a great way to maintain relationships and brings back personal connection that can be lost in texts or emails.  I am in love with these cards and highly recommend then for all who love taking some time to make somebody feel acknowledged and to feel special.

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