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Ultimate Space Atlas (ages 8-12) — Attention Space Lovers! Blast into space to explore our solar system and beyond. This out-of-this-world atlas takes readers through maps of the solar system, the Milky Way, and deep space, giving them a close look at and locations of planets, supernovas, and other universes. Sky maps will help kids spot these objects in the night sky and maps of planets and our solar system give the kind of incredible detail that National Geographic is known for. It's the perfect book for space fans and budding astronauts and a great pick for World Space Week (October 4-10, 2017).


I am so excited to work through this atlas with my kiddos. What makes this atlas so cool is that it is a bit different than other atlases. You will find the maps, but there is more...lots more.  There is information on constellations, solar system and and information on atmosphere.  This book is filled with pictures, charts and stats. I am always looking for ways to keep the learning going over the fall months and into the school year to supplement what they learn at school. This book is going to be a HUGE hit! It is a super big book and has bright and colorful photos. I cannot get over how jam packed with facts, maps and other tidbits this book is. You will get to explore so much. This book also includes a detailed glossary and index. I love that the facts are written in a way that is easy to understand. Adults and kids alike will get lost looking at the pictures and learning so much cool and interesting information. So awesome!!! 5 HUGE stars

Chomp! (ages 7-10) -- National Geographic Explorer and snake wrangler Dr. Brady Barr has been bitten by a lot of creatures over the years. So this book is born from first hand – er, tooth – experience of getting close to some of the biggest biters in the animal kingdom.  It turns out that there's a lot more to biting than meets the eye. Physical features and the how (and when and why) an animal bites reveals much about the animal itself. Chomp! highlights an array of awesome creatures with a diversity of chomp styles – from shredders and slicers to grippers and gulpers. Then it shows how tooth type, bite force, jaw shape, and food source all come to together to make each an incredible member of the animal bite force!


This book is one of the BEST I have seen! It is awesome how it is laid out!!! It is like a vision sensation! There is so much to look at and read! I am sure that you could read this over and over and over and learn something new. Here is a fun tidbit: This soft-bodied squid has an unreal 1,100-pound bite. Learn about this and so many more awesome and interesting facts in this book! It is jam packed with things that I find fun, intriguing and oh so fascinating! My kids are going to love this book so much too.

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What Would Happen?: Serious Answers to Silly Questions (ages 8-12) -- Technology, physics, biology, engineering and even history all play a role when What Would Happen? poses some silly questions and answers them with thoroughly researched scenarios from experts in their fields.  What if you saw the world through the eyes of a dog? What if Earth suddenly stopped rotating? What if you never aged? What if you could teleport anywhere you wanted? What if you were raised by wolves? What if Neanderthals never went extinct? This out-of-the-box book cultivates a better understanding of the world as it is — and what it could be (zombie apocalypse, anyone?).  


This book is FANTASTIC. I could not stop reading it and both my boys thought is was super cool too! Did you know that if mosquitoes went instinct it would greatly affect the food chain?!?!!! So interesting right! In this book you will read clear and distinct answers to so many silly questions you have always wanted to know. This book has all the things that I love about National Geographic...the amazing photos, great tidbits and facts, as well as the well written table of content and index. This book will make you want to hit the books this fall and seek out cool answers to all your burning questions. 5 stars 

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