Sunday, August 13, 2017

#MMBBR #Review There's a Dragon in my Closet by #DorotheaTaylor @DeneneMillner

The dragon in the closet is such a con: one minute he’s dancing like a goof under sheets and leaving “get well” notes and peppermints when little ones are sick, and the next he’s tracking dirty footprints all over the carpet and eating all the snickerdoodles out of the cookie jar. With him around, there’s always lots of fun—and a whole heap of trouble, especially when he goes invisible, leaving a little boy to answer for his bad behavior.

Colorful illustrations bring to life this adorable tale of a kid who blames sweet surprises and mischievous behavior on an invisible, mysterious guest only he knows exists: the friendly, goofy, troublemaking dragon in his closet. But did the dragon really do it?

There’s a Dragon in My Closet is a funny, engaging salute to mischievous little boys and the imaginary friends that sprinkle giggles and create a few pickles on even the most ordinary days.

A such a beautiful book that takes you along with a young boy who goes through his days with adventure and creativity.  This book captures all the best parts of being young and being loved by family.  There is something so true and beautifully wonderful captured in the pages of this book.  You cannot help but be left with a sense of love and awe because the sweetness just oozes through this story!  Highly recommended!  


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