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This title will be released on September 27, 2016.

An out of control canine named Puddles disrupts the charmed life of the fat, pampered cat, Fuddles in this charming follow-up to Fuddles and A Very Fuddles Christmas.

Fuddles finds that his perfectly pampered life of luxury comes to a screeching halt when his family buys a new puppy, Puddles. Howling and barking? Incessant licks and ball-fetching? Will Fuddles ever find a way to cope with his new frenemy?

This book is oh so sweet.  My kids and I loved it so much.  We loved watching Fuddle and Puddles learn to get along.  The illustrations are gorgeous and capture the essence of the story so beautifully.  It is so funny how both the Fuddles and Puddles had distinct made us laugh out loud a few times.  Then, as a reader, you become witness to an incident that brings them together!!!  The ending is such a delight.  5 stars

This title will be released on September 1, 2016.

For this gingerbread boy, it's eat or be eaten! 

When Shirley bakes herself a gingerbread treat to bring to school, the last thing she expects is for him to leap out of her lunchbox and begin gobbling everything in sight. A wild chase ensues-on foot and by cable car-through iconic San Francisco neighborhoods including the Mission, Chinatown, North Beach, and Fisherman's Wharf. Will Shirley be able to catch the gingerbread boy before he eats up the whole city? Friendship is at the heart of this retelling of the classic folktale. A recipe for (non-magical) gingerbread treats is included.

A fun and different spin on the old classic, The Horribly Hungry Gingerbread Boy: A San Francisco Story, is a delight.   Fun and adventure ensues when the gingerbread man takes off and takes the girl on a wild adventure while he gobbles up all sorts of yummy treats all over town.  Told with heart and creativity this story is a great story about love, friendship and adventure.  So delightful 4.5 stars

This title will be released on October 4, 2016. 

"Bear’s search for himself doesn’t matter so much as the charm of Lavie’s storytelling voice as he narrates it . . . Erlbruch gives the bear big, puzzled-looking eyes and a lovable grin. He lives in a forest made of ornate trees seemingly lifted from vintage engravings, whose delicate lines play off Bear’s dumpy figure. Bear’s encounters with various characters—the Turtle Taxi, the Penultimate Penguin—feature gentle wordplay and Lewis Carroll–like paradoxes . . . Everything is new to Bear, and his discoveries will delight readers."
--Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

"A joyful trio of language, picture, and wordplay, as accessible and delectable to a child as to an adult."

I am still trying to find the words to describe this book.  It is far different than any other picture books or stories for young children that I have ever read.  It is mix between Alice in Wonderlands absurd characters and Shel Silverstein's poetic prose with a mix of the wonders of The Wizard of Oz....blended into a story that captures the idea of identity and so much more.  It is an intellectual story that is so odd, whimsical and strange that I had to read it more than once.  All this is a delight.  I love how different this story is.  But, I am not sure if children will fully understand this complex, multi-layered story that captured the imagination of young and old.  I enjoyed this story and give it 4 stars.


Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc are thrilled with their little baby Marie. When she first starts making sounds, they anxiously wonder whether her first word will be "Mama" or "Papa." Imagine their surprise when, one day, Marie blurts out something quite unexpected: "Le Croissant." Startled, the parents think they've just imagined it. Then, Marie continues to utter a list of delicious French foods with a flawless accent! Her parents suspect something might be wrong with their culinary-obsessed little girl. She's only happy when shouting about food, but, as her grandfather observes, at least Marie seems to have excellent taste. The parents finally break down and consult a doctor about their daughter's unusual vocabulary. At first, Marie calls the doctor "un homard," or lobster, but once he understands Marie's plight, he decides to do his best to help. After the examination, though, he finds there's nothing wrong with Marie. What does he suggest to remedy her food fixation? A book filled with laughs and love, Marie Is Talking also teaches French words and shows how families work together.

This is a great book to teach kids about introductory French,  in a way that children can understand.  The story is definitely inventive and one of a kind.  It is a sweet and cute story.  I do have to admit, that the illustrates seems were a bit distracting to me, but my son loved them because he wants to write a book and could relate to the drawings. A great story for those who want to learn some basic French terms. 3.5 stars

Kitty Conquers the Big Bully by [Jones, KayeC]

Kitty takes on the neighborhood bully!

But how does she conquer the big bully?

Meet Kitty, a daring and sweet little girl who won't take anyone talking mean, especially neighborhood bullies who push and shout to make all the kids cry. Everyone around the neighborhood calls the bully a brat and a snot, but not Kitty.
When Kitty finally goes face-to-face with the notorious bully, who boldly declares girls can't do anything they want, she decides to not sink to the bully's level. She doesn't punch or scream and yell, she doesn't even call him names. She uses her wits instead and proves to herself that she and her stuffed buddies can do anything they want.
This wonderfully illustrated story teaches girls to believe in themselves and not to doubt their dreams and wishes no matter what anyone tells them.

Girl power at it's best.  Girls can do anything they want to be...they just need to believe it for themselves.  3.5 stars
Rupert by [Jones, KayeC]

"Dream your own dreams, be your own person and image, no matter the extremes."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rupert is ready to grow up and choose a career, but is shocked to learn that his parents chose for him. He may not know exactly what he wants to do, but he's positive it doesn't have anything to do with math! Rupert's father and mother are shocked to hear his decision. Rupert packs up and goes on his first lone quest to find out what he wants to do with his life.
He travels from place to place in search of what makes him happy. Rupert meets many new people, sees many new places, and always lends a helping hand along with way to any those who need it. But nothing makes his heart sing. Not until he's far from home does he learn an important lesson: You have to experience life and be true to yourself to be happy.
A picture ebook that shows there's nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to be when you grow up. To truly learn about yourself, you have to experience life. The story of Rupert can teach perseverance, hard-work, positivity, and bravery.
A book about finding your way in the world and some times you don't know right away.  This is a great book about experiencing life and being the good in the world. 3.5 stars
Mason the Mutt by [Jones, KayeC]
What happens to dogs before they are rescued off the streets?

Follow Mason's story and fall in love with this courageous puppy as he searches for a new home.

Mason's breezy car ride is cut unexpectedly short as his owner decides to abandon him on the side of the road. But right from the start, he never loses heart, determined to find a place he can call home. Root for him as he navigates through the dangerous and adventurous new world in search for a loving home.
Will Mason ever find a new home? Will he have to live on the streets alone?
This picture ebook focuses on tough subjects that are difficult to talk to children about, such as abandonment, homelessness and bullying. A story to remind everyone what it means to have a home and to never stop hoping and dreaming, no matter what age you are.
Let Mason show how to cope with life's difficulties using hope, courage and love.

A book about finding a home after a great loss and disappointment.  This is a great reminder that once you have a pet that you have them for life and should not abandon them.  I think this is an important lesson and creates a lot of taking points.  3.5 stars

The Day the Aunts Disappeared by [Jones, KayeC]

What happens when an anteater mixes up "ant" and "aunt"?

A unabashedly goofy children's book created for smiles and giggles.

Hungry and tired of bug bites, Greg the Anteater decides to go to town to find an easy meal. He quickly finds out that there are aunts all around the town! But "aunts" and "ants" are not the same thing, as he quickly finds out.
What will happen to all the town's aunts?
A colorful and cute story that teaches children about homophones and forgiveness... and a little about digestion.

A wonky story that teaches readers the difference between ant and aunt in a silly way.  3.5 stars

The Wandering Troll by [Jones, KayeC]

Here's a little story, 
about a lonesome troll, 
looking for new territory, 
without a living soul. 

He traveled far and wide, 
from coast to coast, 
becoming more and more untied, 
'til he found something he needed most. 

A very cute rhyming story about a troll finding the place in the world where he felt whole.  It is a sweet story and the illustrations are really cool.  They look like sewn fabric.  What a delight this book is.  The kids in my class are sure to love it.  4 stars.


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