Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Books in the Classroom with Yvonne


If I had a many grand children as you…

By: Lori Stewart

Lori Stewart definitely has a poetic nature to her writing that draws every reader in. She does not disappoint in If I had as many grandchildren as you… This book works well to use as a read aloud for a grandparents’ celebration in any classroom.

The use of rhyming words is great to use with young readers when teaching word families or fluency through shared reading. This book is also rich in new vocabulary. Using the poetic nature and vocabulary of this book provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop envisioning by drawing what they envision an illustration that would go with each page. Students will need to do close reading to develop their drawings. Finally comparing their illustrations with the stunning photos used throughout the book has students comparing and contrasting. 4.5 stars

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facebook – friend or foe?
By: Nigel Lane

This is a practical resource for any parent. The different types of social media are explained in simple language. This easy to read book is filled with tips on how parents can have open communication about social media and setting up guidelines for using it. It also gives ways to keep children safe while online. One of the best features is the glossary of abbreviations used online. 4 stars

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By: Nigel Lane

A great companion book to facebook – friend or foe?  Cyberbullying helps parents spot and deal with online bullying. This quick read would also be beneficial to teens as well. It provides teens the tools for them to take charge of a cyberbullying situation and when to ask for help. This is an excellent resource for schools to have available to parents/students or in a guidance office. I'm excited to share this book and facebook – friend or foe? with our school social worker and psychologist. 4 stars

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