Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: Grandma, Aren't You Glad The World's Finally in Color Today by Lori Stewart

We all can imagine what children think when they first see the old black and white family photos hanging in the hallway, framed on the mantle, or carefully tabbed into place in the family photo album. It's certainly enough to make grandchildren say, Aren't you glad the world's finally in color today!

Grandma, Aren't You Glad The World's Finally in Color Today! is a story in rhyme that takes readers on a then and now journey through time. Narrated by a grandmother, the story compares her own mother's life and times to those of her grandchildren. Side by side vintage and full color photos contrast fashion, schools, transportation, entertainment, technology, culture and the arts from the Great Depression and World War II years to those of today.
This book creates an opportunity for readers to share their own family tree, and gives grandparents a way to start conversations about who we are and where we came from, and fulfill their role as family historian.

What an AMAZING book to show how the world we live in has changed!  With amazing pictures and rhyming text the book is sure to please any grandparent, parent or child of any age.  It is a great book to use in the school because it shows the timeline of history (and the personal history of the author) in a new and fun way.   I showed this to my son's second grade teacher and she took it home to read and she said "Thank you for sharing! I love it!".  We all loved it!  4.5 stars

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