Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Highlight: Fyire Blue by Elvie Richter


Fyire Blue

Fourteen-year-old Danielle McGowan always suspected her imagination was seriously overactive.

But when only she can see a pint-sized dragon who turns up over the summer and starts following her around, Danielle begins to worry she's actually losing her mind. Her doubts quickly transform into fear when shadows she's seen circling above transform into winged demons.

And their intent is to kill.

While going to school every day trying to fit in and pretending her life is totally normal, Danielle must figure out who her true friends really are, and how her feelings for a fascinating but troubled boy fit into her struggle to overcome the danger that stalks her. But Danielle was born with a power she is just starting to understand. She must tap into her hidden strength before the power of darkness destroys her.

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