Monday, March 24, 2014

PUB DAY: To Catch A Creeper: A Crouch End Confidential Mystery by Ellie Campbell

To Catch A Creeper: A Crouch End Confidential Mystery
Ay Caramba
About the book:  Cathy is riding high in her brand-new job at a (surprisingly bitchy) top London advertising agency working with best friend Rosa. But when Rosa’s pregnancy goes amiss and enemies sabotage her new career, she finds herself leading a chaotic double life of lies and deception, hiding a shameful secret from all, especially husband Declan who appears in the throes of a nervous breakdown. 

I had a great time meeting Cathy and her crazy cast of characters in LOOKING FOR LA LA (review). I was excited to see what entertaining adventure this wonderful group of people would take me on and what sort of shenanigans they would get into. I was not disappointed and enjoyed the new additions to the cast. This is a fun, engaging is very funny, but also keeps you on your toes! Such a fan! I can't wait to see what happens next! 4.5 star!

Looking for la La discounted to 99cents/99pence from Monday 24th to 30th March

How to Survive Yours Sisters will be free Wednesday, 26th to 30th March - US only

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