Sunday, September 23, 2012

What am I doing today????

ThedaCare Orthopedics Plus Half Marathon 
Sunday, September 23, 2012 

I am not a runner. Period.  I am not trying to win first place.  But I am an active person who wants to stress health and wellness for her children.  I believe that is really what moves me.  I want my kids to aspire to do more physically, to enjoy getting up and moving.  

I walked the half last year with a great group of lady friends and it was a blast.  To walk 13.1 miles was no small feat.  That is not a short distance.  It was an amazing moment crossing the finish line with my dearest friends by my side.  

This year my sister and I are run/walking it.  My poor knee can only take about 3 miles at a time (plus I am getting over a terrible cold), so I will see what I can do.  If nothing else, I got myself up early to do something amazing with my sister.  My boys will be at the finish line and although they may not really understand what I did today, they will know that I always try to push myself a bit harder each and everyday...that they move me to get moving!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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