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It’s never too late for revenge in this thrilling novel by New York Times bestselling and award-winning crime master Max Allan Collins.
In a small Midwest town, twenty-eight-year-old Krista Larson has made her mark as the youngest female police chief in the country. She’s learned from the best: her father, Keith, a decorated former detective. But as accustomed as they are to the relative quiet of their idyllic tourist town, things quickly turn with Krista’s ten-year high school reunion.
With the out-of-towners holed up in a lakefront lodge, it doesn’t take long to stir up old grudges and resentments. Now a successful TV host, Astrid Lund, voted the “Girl Most Likely to Succeed”—and then some—is back in town. Her reputation as a dogged reporter has made the stunning blonde famous. Her reputation among her former classmates and rivals has made her infamous. Astrid’s list of enemies is a long one. And as the reunion begins, so does a triple murder investigation.
Krista and her father are following leads and opening long-locked doors from their hometown to the Florida suburbs to Chicago’s underworld. They just never imagined what would be revealed: the secrets and scandals of Krista’s own past.

Girl Most Likely

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
#FirstLine ~ The girls would be there, of this much you are certain.

An intense and quick read that left me on the edge of my seat! This story is very character driven and is paced very well. You will get pulled into the story. You will be kept on your toes! You will think you have it all figured out to find yourself completely surprised! This book has a great setting, is thrilling and hard to put down! A must read for thriller fans! I also love that it is a new series to read!!!

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