Thursday, November 7, 2013

Highlight: Lolly: From Fishing to Fashion, Reeling in an Unlikely Fashion Success by Jeff Stewart

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I wanted to tell you about Lolly: From Fishing to Fashion, Reeling in an Unlikely Fashion Success, the latest non-fiction novel by author Jeff Stewart (March of Time and SkinDead Birds Hot.) "Lolly" is a compelling story that takes an in-depth and personal look at the start, deconstruction and re-birth of Los Angeles-based clothing company, LOLLY Clothing. "Lolly" is published by independent publishing house, Myrtle Street Publishing.
Stewart blends beautiful prose with his raw style to tell the story of two brothers, and LOLLY Clothing owners Todd and Chad Kimball, who both had a drive for success and a penchant for unconventional methods. The book also highlights a group of eccentric participants who helped create the brand and serve as characters who play themselves in the book.

Book Description
 March 1, 2013
The gulls glide on the wind and land on the famous rock planted in the tides while the ocean reaches for Asia. In a pub one mile inland and north, a writer’s chance meeting with the owners of a clothing company ignites an agreement─planting the seed for a novel about the blood, work, fate, and unyielding vision that confounded the fashion industry and left it examining the path of Lolly.

March of Time and Skin author Jeff Stewart navigates us through the start, deconstruction, and rebirth of Lolly Clothing, the salvation from the bottom of survival to the methods of their success. Told in a beautifully raw, stripped-down style, Lolly: From Fishing to Fashion, Reeling in an Unlikely Fashion Success takes us through the insides of the fashion company and their people with humor, heartbreak, and prose that introduce the fashion process through the world of the writer; moving us along from the effects of guts and consequences to the cathedral of Lolly, and the power of never listening to the odds.

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