Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: The Truth of Love and Lightning by Susan McBride

The Truth About Love and Lightning

Susan McBride, author of Little Black Dress and The Cougar Club, gives us her most unforgettable novel to date with this deliciously emotional story of family, forgiveness, love, and magic.

As far as Gretchen Brink is concerned, the tornado that just ripped through her land has nothing on the storms of a different sort happening all around her. Her grown daughter, Abby, has returned home with news that she's pregnant, and no, she's not sure whether she's going to marry the father. A man with no memory has been dropped practically on her doorstep. And the not-so-little white lie she's been telling for years is about to catch up with her.

Abby is sure that the mysterious man is her long-lost father, Sam, who has finally returned just when she needs him most. As Abby, Gretchen, and the Man Who Might Be Sam get closer, the lie Gretchen told all those years ago begins to haunt her. When her secrets come out, and Sam's past is finally revealed, will it tear down this fragile life they've built--or will the truth bring them all closer together?

Gretchen Brink has been keeping a secret for 40 years.  Her grown daughter Abby comes home for a visit and tell Gretchen she is pregnant and a Tornado blows through her property and a mysterious man appears that Gretchen takes in.  Is this man Abby’s Dad? The author pulls you in to find out who the mysterious man is and tells the back story of Gretchen’s life.  I loved this book and read it in 2 sittings.  This book is a little mystery and a little magic all wrapped into one.  A 4.5 star read!

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