Friday, February 8, 2013

Review and Trailer: James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell: THE BLOOD GOSPEL

The artwork on the cover and description of the book peaked my interest.  Reading for fun is not my go to activity.  When I read it is typically something work, nutrition, fitness, or psychology related.  So I was willing to give this Rollins novel a try since BLOODLINE captivated me to a point that I read the entire book over a 24 hour period.  The character development, spec ops component, and the chase sucked me in.  I still think about that book and feel like I watched a movie because I can vividly recall many of the scenes in my mind.  Blood Gospel did not grip me the same way.  I found the first couple of chapters interesting but not to a point that I would make time to sit and read. The development of the two primary characters while done well wasn't drawing me in to the point where I wanted to know what happens next.  In BLOODLINE I couldn't wait to see what death defying encounter the special operations canine, Kane, would beat next.  Yes, even the dog in BLOODLINE was a character I couldn't stop thinking about.  I will probably finish the book someday or maybe come back to it.  For me it is clear that reading for entertainment, I need to look into another novel from the sigma series.

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