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Blog Tour: A CONTENTED MIND by Samantha Hoffman: REVIEW

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Music and love come together in A Contented Mind: Love, Hope and the Complicated Mess of Redefining One's Life.  Life is not always a easy step from A to B.  Sometimes we are forced to change paths. Sometimes we take detours.  Sometimes we chose to hide our real self from the world.  But whatever way we travel through life we are still moving forward whether we like it or not. 


Meg, an author by trade and musician on the side, had a mix of life's obstacles thrown at her.  She has struggled to face the world and to allow them to judge her freely as an author, so she writes under a pen name for the fear of criticism.  She was attacked in her home and no longer felt safe so she moved to California.   She has only one love, Bob her dog, before she starts playing her violin on her patio and her mysterious neighbor joins in with his piano perfectly.  She is instantly and without explanation finding herself falling for the mysterious piano man next door.   

Through the pages of A Contented Mind you will flow through a gamete of emotions that are almost set to music.  Passion, heartbreak, success and failure, betrayal and love linger within the pages of this novel.  I really enjoyed this novel and rated it 3.5 stars.  I hope you enjoy it too.     


Book Description

Publication Date: November 22, 2011

Sometimes it takes seeing the dream before we find the courage to face the nightmare.

When young, our greatest fears are of the shadow figures that live within our sleeping mind. As we age, we discover what's most frightening is a life not fully lived, desires left unfulfilled and a past that keeps us tethered in darkness.

Without realizing it, bestselling author Meg Scott, stepped into the life of her dreams. A new beachfront home on the West Coast; a far cry from her secluded home shared only with her faithful Irish setter on Martha's Vineyard. A gig playing violin with a world renowned rock band about to depart on a European acoustic tour; friends that easily became the family she lost when young. And upon shaking hands with the band's drummer, Jadon Hastings, love and desire she'd never known beyond the stories she wrote.

All too often, shadow figures arrive camouflaged as friends, and those who profess love are worse than those that once haunted our childhood nights.

Under a hazy California sun, Meg's dream sits in clear view. To make it her own, she'll have to confront not only her past, but her future. In doing so, she discovers - those you trust - can't always be trusted. 


Author Bio: Samantha started writing books as a child. Although those roughly hewed works are kept under lock and key, they possess the same need to understand life as her current novels. In the past, Samantha has written numerous columns on health and spirituality for a local newspaper. Currently, she writes the popular blog: Insanity - A Writer’s Commentary On All Things, as well as two novels: A Contented Mind, it’s sequel, Chasing Nirvana, and the children’s chapter book series: Dainty Delaney. Currently she is at work on her third novel. On May 18th, 2012 Samantha will be featured in Art & Entertainment section of The Traverse City Record Eagle newspaper.
Life can get rough at times, loving oneself shouldn’t be. That, in a nutshell, is the message that is imbued within the books Samantha writes. 

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