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#FirstLine ~ It started out as a typical Saturday night.

I am still thinking about this book, as it brought up a lot of emotions for me. I thought that I was over something that happened in college and this book brought it all rushing back. In addition to that, as a mother to two sons, this book has left a lasting impression. I want to talk to everyone who read this book and to discuss it at length. This is one of Giffin's most thought provoking books to date. This is is the kind of book that makes a great book club read because there is so much to discuss. Did the reader agree with how the parents dealt with the situation. Who did the reader believe as the book slowly unfolded and the truths came to light? Where did the readers allegiances lie? How would the reader react when facing the unthinkable that is highlighted in this book? There are so many other ethical dilemmas and emotions in this book. This book may change you and will cause you to take pause! All We Ever Wanted is a hard to put down and super important read for all.

This book was amazing! I loved that it was far grittier than Giffin's previous books. It was one that I instantly wanted to talk to everyone about. There is so much content in this book that will create amazing book club conversations. There is controversy, family drama, relationship dynamics and so much more. I thought I knew how this book would conclude but was way off. There were a few times that I thought I was certain where the story was going and then it took a totally different turn. To me, this is her best book yet. She took risks and tackled topics that need to be in the spotlight. I loved that Giffin was daring and bold with her story, dialogue and setting in All We Ever Wanted. Such a great book and one I still want to talk to everyone about.

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