Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#REVIEW #MMBBR Hattie Peck: The Journey Home by Emma Levey @Emlevey

Hattie Peck: The Journey Home by [Levey, Emma]

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ABOUT THE BOOK:  Hattie Peck adores eggs of all kinds. However, she cannot make any of her own. No worries—Hattie has collected eggs from all over the world, hatched them, and raised her blended family of cockatoos, storks, owls, anything from an egg—even reptiles.

But now it’s time. They all need to leave her big loving nest. 
So off the flock goes, on their biggest—and saddest—adventure. Even though, in her heart, Hattie knows it’s best.

A poignant story about family and differences, making hard decisions, letting go and inclusion. It’s not all sad, though, due to a nice twist ending as in the first book.

Bright colorful and lively illustrations and lots of information about egg-bearing animals round out the story.

Emma LeveyFreelance illustrator based in Cardiff. Author/Illustrator of Hattie Peck and Hattie Peck The Journey Home

What a perfect story about the crazy thing we call family and its ever changing ways, delightful chaos and everything in between.  This story is about every family...the highs and lows, the pretty moments and the messy ones too.  It is beautifully illustrated and a new favorite of mine!  Everything in this book is pure love!  It is about growing up and moving on, but never forgetting where home is.   A must for every child's home library.

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