Thursday, April 26, 2012

REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: 12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes by Lisa Maliga

12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes


Do-it-yourselfers and crafters alike are going to love 12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes by Lisa Maliga.  I loved that Maliga has given such easy and precise ways to make our own soap.  Everything you need is listed from the cutting board to wax paper and everything in between.  The recipes are easy to understand and the pictures are such a great addition.  I love making people gifts, so I cannot wait to get going on making some homemade soap.  I also love that I will know exactly what goes into the soap I make.  Nowadays that is such a wonderful thing, since chemical seems to be in everything we use.  Maliga lists many helpful resources regarding finding the best soap bases and supplies!  This is a must for those that like creating homemade products!    

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Book Description
 March 11, 2012
"12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes" contains original recipes, 37 color photos, and several places to buy soap base, molds, fragrances and other necessary supplies. Learn how easy it is to craft your own melt and pour soap in less than one hour! See a step-by-step tutorial with pictures for Seaweed Soap. Find your supplies at more than 15 online locations. These are all original recipes created by the author in her own kitchen. Written and photographed by the author of "The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Making," this eBook serves as an excellent companion volume.

The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting

Book Description
Publication Date: November 20, 2011

"The Joy of Melt & Pour Soap Crafting" is written by someone who learned how to work with crafting glycerin melt & pour soap the hard way -- with only a single page of instructions to follow! From 2004-2009 the author ran an online business, Everything Shea Aromatic Creations, selling 85+ varieties of soap. If you've always wanted to make your own soap, here's an opportunity to learn just how easy it really is! 

Here's what you will learn:

• WHY you should make your own soap
• How to make handcrafted soap in less than 1 hour!
• Secrets of melt & pour soap crafting
• Step-by-step instructions
• Fragrance & essential oils information
• List of reputable soap suppliers
• Creative labeling & packaging ideas and photos
• Easy-to-make craft projects for kids of all ages
• Bestselling soap recipes
• Color photos of almost every recipe!
• NO experience necessary!

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