Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FRANKLIN'S HALLOWEEN by Paulette Bourgeois

Before I became a mother I did not know who Franklin was.  But now with two young boys in my house we are all well aware of Franklin and all the shenanigans he and his animal friends get into.  We love him and all his pals.  The lessons that these book teach are ones that my children and I can relate to. 
As a teacher of preschool aged children I find that the influence that literature has on the children to be great.  One must be selective what literature children get exposed to because it can make the difference between a child becoming a lifelong reader and one that does not.  I base entire lesson plans around one great book.   Franklin books draw children in my classroom into the story.  The stories have unique characters with distinct personalities.  There is always a lesson to be learned and a topic worth discussing.  I am a huge fan of the Franklin series. 
In Franklin's Halloween, Franklin gets to dress up with his friends and attend a Halloween party.  They get to engage in all the fun party activities and even get to go to a haunted house.  It is a great Halloween story.

Franklin's Halloween
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