Friday, August 5, 2011

CHOICES by Kate Buckley

I was contacted by author Kate Buckley and she asked if I would read CHOICES and review it for her. Buckley had read my blog and saw a review of another book that discusses some of the same issues as CHOICES.  As a book lover and blogger having an author ask you to read her work is an honor.  I was very excited to get the opportunity to read CHOICES.
CHOICES is a YA novel that discusses some very serious topics; underage drinking, date rape and abortion.  Buckley did an amazing job representing the teenage girl and their struggles when it comes to friendships, dating and coming of age.  I was immediately drawn into the story and Kara (the main character) was a girl I was rooting for.  Being a teenage girl is not an easy time in life and CHOICES helps to identify some of the struggles that we as parents, educators, social workers, and friends need to pay attention to.  We need to offer our children an environment where they can talk to us, so we can keep them safe.
Buckley tackled the subject of abortion and the view of the Catholic religion in a way that will make you really think about what side you are on.  CHOICES is a book that everyone should read.  I absolutely loved this book and will be telling my friends that CHOICES is a must read book.  Whether you have a teenage girl or teenage boy, the lessons contained in this book are ones that need to be discussed with our children.  There are serious consequences for our actions and we all make choices...
"And choices?  We make them everyday without a second thought, or even a first." (page 195, CHOICES)

A teen girl breaks all the rules and finds herself alone, her life spinning out of control when binge drinking, date rape, and teen pregnancy collide. Choices is a compelling and bumpy coming-of-age journey that hurtles an over-protected girl into turmoil and confusion.  The many sides of the reproductive rights issue come together in Choices, a story voiced with respect, sensitivity, heart and emotion.
For teen girls everywhere. Their mothers, grandmothers, aunts…and, their fathers and brothers.
Choices: The message  - Your Life … Your Choices!
Choices is an empowering and thought provoking read.  The novel engages readers in the story of a teen girl who slips up and falls hard.  As fifteen-year-old Kara learns to think for herself and take responsibility for her choices, she discovers a solid sense of herself and her own value.  Will she ever be the same?…No, she’ll be stronger.
Choices: The author
Kate Buckley has her MA in Human Development with a concentration on women’s studies.  She has facilitated support groups for girls in California and New Mexico and administrated a three-year drug and alcohol abuse prevention program in the public middle schools of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

·         Choices  won an Eric Hoffer Award in the Young Adult Category
·         ForeWord Reviews 2009 Book of the Year Awards
CHOICES: Winner — Young Adult Fiction
·         Gold Mom's Choice Award, 2010
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