Monday, April 4, 2011


This is one of the funniest books about what it means to be a mother.  I was laughing so hard I was crying during numerous parts of this book. There are so many things I could relate to in this book, like what it means to become a mother, how your body changes, how your relationship changes with your spouse and how you relate the world in general when you are sleep deprived.  I recommend this book to all mother out there, such a great read!

Description of the book....
The story of one mother’s quest to adjust to life post-partum is the mother of all motherhood novels. A hysterical, honest, moving ride through the first year of new motherhood, it tells the story of Joy McGuire, who used to be “single, skinny, and able to speak in complete sentences.” Now, she’s…a mother.

Launched into motherhood, Joy thinks a little chocolate might fix her problems, if not a little sleep, but they only deepen. Her husband of six years seems to have an allergy to the baby. Her mother, head of her own beauty dynasty (who Joy sometimes watches on QVC when she’s lonely), is planning a wedding to a suspicious self-help guru—instead of helping Joy. Not to mention this is her mother’s fourth wedding.

Joy is left in the company of her young son, a few new mother friends (some as cranky as she is), and her impossible mother-in-law who doles out “Catholic Widow Torture” on a regular basis. When her college boyfriend shows up for their ten year reunion, Joy begins to wonder if she chose the wrong man.

In an effort to pull herself together, she takes up yoga, only to fall madly in lust with her instructor, who seems to have a bit of a crush on her too. She fills her non-existent free-time with yoga classes and spying on her mother’s fiancé, a man she beings to think is after her mother’s money and—she’s certain—gay.

When her crazy Aunt Hilda arrives straight out of a group home and reads her fortune, things begin to change. But will they change enough to save her disintegrating marriage? In the end, Joy discovers that the cost of motherhood is well worth all the disastrous, hilarious, sacrifice.

This Little Mommy Stayed Home: A Novel
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