Art Through Stories

ART THROUGH STORIES: Inside My Classroom 

I will share some of the ways that I use books to spark creative expression through art.  It is hard to go back and search all the ways I have done it in the past, but moving forward this will be your go-to location to see the projects and the books.

I am a teacher for children ages 2-5 years old at the Y where I have developed a class entitled Art Through Stories.  

I designed Art Through Stories to introduce the children I teach to books and art jointly.  I use books to create various art projects.  I try to help them creatively capture the beauty, lessons, concepts and other learning points within the books through the expression of art.  I do this by using various art mediums.  The art projects also act a tool to help retell the stories to their loved ones.  I am always looking for books to use in my class.  So, if you have one that you think may be a good fit, please send me an email.

*NOTE:  Below are just a few examples. This page will be updated in fall 2017, so stay tuned! 

This is a great project for Mother's Day!  There are so many books for this theme.  You could also use it for flowers.  I will post some books soon!

Find books here:

NOTE:  I mixed glue and orange paint mix as the base on the balloon, so there would still be color under the cut up paper pieces

See more HERE

See more HERE

Messy Jessy

Kids at work......
Coloring the socks
This child was very proud of his socks
Some of the completed sock puppets
Messy Jessy and the sock art projects

See more HERE

See more  HERE

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