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I admit it, I am a booknerd. I love books: the feel, the smell, everything. I love to talk about books, search for books and collect books. It is one of my few passions. I like to share the gift of a good read with others, so I started this blog. I marvel at writers and the journey they can take you on through the pages of a book. 

I am a mother of 2 fantastic young boys, a booknerd, a wife, a growth and development teacher for children ages 2-5 and fitness instructor.  I am passionate about being a mother and about books. I feel instilling the love of reading in my children is giving them a lifelong gift. 


NOTE: I have developed a class entitled Art Through Stories.  

I designed this class to introduce the children I teach to books and then using those books to create art projects.  I try to help them creatively capture the beauty, lessons, concepts and other learning points within the books through the expression of art.  I do this by using various art mediums.  The art projects also act a tool to help retell the stories to their loved ones.  I am always looking for books to use in my class.  So, if you have one that you think may be a good fit, please send an email or check out the ART THROUGH STORIES tab at the top of the blog to check out the books and projects.

The Family!!!!
reading together

Meet Booknerd Boy: Braden

Braden is an avid reader and son of Mrs Mommy Booknerd.  He is going into 6th grade and come fall. He loves everything about school.  He loves getting lost in a good book.  When he is not reading Braden enjoys playing video games, watching good shows on TV, perfecting his Jiu-Jitsu, training for triathlons, and trying to invent the next big thing.  He loves to review books and share them with his class.  He is also on Goodreads where he will also share all the books he loves.  You can see all of his reviews HERE.  

Meet Booknerd Boy:  JD

JD loves books, but what he really loves is triathlons, hockey and being active.  He is the son of Mrs Mommy Booknerd.  He is going into 5th grade come fall. When he reads he loves reading books with adventure and compelling characters.  He is excited to start reviewing books on the blog.  You can see all of his reviews HERE.

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